Jumpsuits and Solenoids?
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Totally failing at finding a series of videos of a Japanese man in a jumpsuit and hardhat who has invented several musical instruments based on solenioids. Anybody know what I'm talking about and/or where to find them?
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What were the production values like? First thing I thought of was the TV show by Hiroyuki Hayashi of POLYSICS fame. Here's a clip.
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The Invention of Dr Nakamats?
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here's a YouTube preview.
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Can't find any hardhats, but jumpsuits and solenoids sound a lot like Maywa Denki.
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Yup, I'd say Maywa Denki is likely what you're thinking of, TheCoug, although you may have misremembered the hardhat part. They don't generally sport hardhats, as far as I'm aware.
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Thanks Moonmilk and Flapjax! Not sure where I go the hardhats from, maybe just wishful extrapolation?
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Here are the videos I was looking for in particular, should anyone else care to take a peek:
1, 2.
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