Good fingerstyle resources
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Recommend me some good, comprehensive online resources for fingerstyle techniques, please!

I started learning how to play the acoustic guitar a month ago. My teacher taught me some (blues?) fingerstyle techniques, but I don't have a great short-term memory and I often find that I've forgotten them when I try to practice at home. If there is a searchable database of techniques that I can look through to help jog my memory, I'd like to hear about it.
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I know of no such database, but you may find the Lessons page at the Acoustic Guitar Magazine website helpful as a general fingerstyle resource.
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You can check out Justin Sandercoe's lesson index. He has a couple of lesson's on fingerstyle.
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Hi millions. Have you tried learning anything from tablature yet? I admit it's kind of a cheesy way to learn on guitar, but it's straight forward and you can find just about anything you can think of on the internet...lessons, styles or particular songs.

I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for, but man, I learned almost all of my finger picking from tabs.

Good luck and have fun!
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