Who's a good guitar teacher in San Francisco?
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Can anyone recommend a good guitar teacher in San Francisco?

I've wanted to learn to play the guitar for years, and I recently moved to San Francisco and picked up a really nice acoustic/electric from my cousin.

I played jazz saxophone for eight years, so I know how to read music in the basic sense, but any concept of chords and such is foreign to me (and I'm pretty rusty at what I did know).

I'd like to take lessons steadily for an extended period, and really try to become proficient. Practically, I'd like to be able to play popular rock songs that I like. I work a normal 9-5, so someone who is available in the evenings would be awesome.
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what style do you want to learn? I know of lots of guitarists at the SF conservatory, most of them play classical, but there is also some flamenco, cuban, and other styles floating around the hallways. contact me if you want names. you can also just come to the conservatory, and you'll discover that the guitarists tend to practise in the hallways/lobby areas, so you can sit nearby and check out your potentials teachers before approaching them. :-)
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Response by poster: If I had to pick a style, I'd guess rock or folk. Your average "young male adult with a guitar" type stuff. Something I can play and sing along, badly, to.
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