Best way to send money to india?
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Best way to send money to India?

I need to start sending some money to a friend in india on a regular basis. What electronic methods are cheap at both ends and reliable. I was told that paypal takes 36 days for a check to clear.
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For legitimate, very fast and affordable transfers, Western Union is your absolute best bet.
225,000 locations. 195 countries. Reliable. Fast.
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I second Western Union.
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Don't do western union online or over the phone, they charge double their rates. Go to any store or agent. Alternatively, try Moneygram. They are slightly cheaper.
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I have used ICICI's Money to India service. I used the one where they directly withdraw from your bank account (called e-transfer, I think). There are other options as well in terms of how they get the money to them. It takes about 5 days, and interface is clunky, but its a free service and works quite well.
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HSBC & Citibank (I think) have this thing where you open a bank account here, and your friend in India gets an ATM card, and they can withdraw the money there without any fees (apart from ATM fees, if applicable).
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The same is true for Citibank also.
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I have never used this service, but you can send money oversees using paypal through xoom.

On the receiving end, they either send someone to deliver cash in person, or deposit it in a bank account.
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My wife uses the Citibank method to send money to her parents and is happy with it. I believe this is what she uses, but read the details carefully.

If you're just sending money once or twice this may not be the right way, but if you're going to be doing it over a period of time, this is probably cheaper and easier than paying wire fees.
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Alternatively you could check with your bank and their bank to see what the fees are. Bank to bank transfers are not typically too bad unless you have small amounts of money to send. Both ends will take their cut though. My bank charges me $40 for an international transfer and the bank in Spain I sent to took a small cut too.

If it small amounts then I don't believe there is any real good way. Transfer fees will always eat up some cash so you may want to limit that by sending one huge chunk at a time instead of lots of smaller chunks.
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I've used several times. No complaints.
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Is it not possible to open a regular account, put money in it, and send your friend in India the ATM card?

I don't know anything about India specifically but when I travel in Asia, there's always an ATM somewhere which can take money out from my normal account back home. Surely that's the cheapest way?
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