Acoustic guitar songs that are "metal"
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What are some songs featuring acoustic guitars, rather than electric, that could still be considered "metal"?

In this case I'm using a definition of metal to mean dark and/or aggressive in tone, style, or intent. Doesn't necessarily have to mean the song comes from a metal band. Danzig's "Come to Silver" would be one example.

Suggestions for songs that include drums, bass, and vocals as backup to the acoustic guitar is ok. Bonus points for songs that qualify due to the songwriting, not the technical difficulty, as this list is for a beginning guitar player that has no interest in Mary Has A Little Lamb.
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Best answer: The one that springs to mind is "Dead Girl" by Acid Bath; there's an electric version on the Agents of Oblivion album if you don't believe it's a metal song. Do Monster Magnet count as metal? They have a bunch of acoustic songs. This is a really hard question.
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Aqualung by Jethro Tull should be on the list - they even won a Grammy for Best Metal Band in the 80's if you can believe it.
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Best answer: Zakk Wylde's Book of Shadows is pretty cool.
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Not sure how "Metal" it is but I always thought She talks To Angels by the Black Crows was a heavy ballady sort of number with a strong acoustic guitar as the dominant melodic.
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Best answer: Some Violent Femmes song sound like acoustic version of harder, if not metal, rock. Lots of power chords, fast strumming, etc.
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Best answer: How about Rodrigo y Gabriela covering "Orion" (originally by Metallica)?
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Best answer: If you're a metal head playing acoustic guitar, having The Mountain Goats' "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" in you repertoire is probably a good idea.
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Metallica's acoustic version of Nothing Else Matters.
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Best answer: The complete works of the mighty Tenacious D.
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Tenacious D has based their whole shtick on "Acoustic Metal". You will love/hate them.
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Best answer: Some flamenco stuff strikes me as metal-ish. In fact there's an album which attempts to combine the two styles, called, obviously, "Flametal." Although it's not all acoustic, the acoustic is featured prominently.
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Best answer: The "Damnation" album by Opeth.
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Days of the New?

Not sure if this is more grungy than metally. They sound, to me, like an acoustic Alice in Chains.
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Best answer: Zakk Wylde's Book of Shadows is pretty cool.

Or the sequel Hangover music Vol. VI. Mary Had A Little Lamb a la Buddy Guy/Stevie Ray Vaughan is cool btw.
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Kaiowas by Sepultura
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Boston, "Peace of Mind" and "Long Time"
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Best answer: Check out the entire catalog of Agalloch.

The recommendation of Damnation by Opeth is solid. "Closure" is a total knockout, although if you can get a hold of the audio from their Lamentations live DVD I'd recommend that version as I love the extended jam in the middle (they always jam the middle of the song live). I would also recommend checking out some tracks from other Opeth albums such as "Face of Melinda" and "Benighted". MAKE SURE to check out "Patterns in the Ivy" as well.

A few others that come to mind would be "Part II" and "Pathos" by Darkest Hour.

*kicks self for leaving iPod at home today*

There's a lot of this stuff out there.
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Best answer: I'll thirding Opeth and add Kyuss - Space Cadet and Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore which would be at home on an Iron Maiden album.
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"Eat My Dust You Insensitive F*ck" by Catherine Wheel (Link goes to YouTube) might fit the bill.
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Response by poster: A lot of good suggestions here... some directly answering the question, others suggesting material that might not be "metal" but is definitely "awesome".
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