Tool to create an iPad application/interactive publication
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I want to create something similar to the Martha Stewart iPad application. It's a little more interactive than a straight e-book. It has similarities to other applications (wired, etc)... Enough similarities that I thought there must be a tool that would let you create something without having to create and code something unique each time.

Here is the basic functionality:

- navigation that you can go sideways as well as dive down into individual articles
- print style layout (control over where type and images flow)
- embed video
- embed audio

Are there any tools that let people create an app like this fast? Faster than building it from scratch?
I guess what I am describing is a layout tool like inDesign that would let you save out custom layouts.

I don't need any payment/transaction stuff since this would be a free download.

Most of the tools I research seem like they would be good for creating games or applications. I am needing something more along the lines of an interactive book.

I am a web developer so some programming is ok. I would prefer as much WYSIWYG as possible though.
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Martha Stewart Living and Wired are both created with Adobe's Digital Publishing Platform
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