Recommendations for men's wedding rings in New York
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Need recommendations on good men's jewelry store in Manhattan for engagement rings.

So the boyfriend and I are engaged, pending NY legalizing gay marriage (whenever that happens). In the meanwhile we thought it would be nice to buy rings for each other. We're looking for something simple, classy and relatively cheap. No gold/platinum/silver, no diamonds, and no designs. We actually found a design we really like at an online store. This is pretty much exactly what we're looking for. However we'd prefer to go into a brick and mortar location and actually try on some rings before buying anything. Does anyone have any recommendations for men's jewelry stores in Manhattan for this type of thing? All of the places we've looked tend towards expensive stuff with precious metals and funky designs, while we're aiming for something more minimalist.
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Best answer: Not a cute boutique or anything, but Macy's has a variety of men's titanium rings.
Teno also seems to have a variety of rings like the one you link to, and if you go to the store locator they have some shops in Manhattan.
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I just went through something similar when I was looking to buy my Titanium wedding band. I really wanted to buy it in a physical store in Manhattan too but was never able to find many options. What I ended up doing was trying on some terrible looking titanium rings in the Diamond District just to confirm my size and then buying the ring on Etsy. Here's my Ask.Me post about it.

On the plus side, Etsy was very inexpensive and had free delivery. On the negative side, I too would rather have purchased it in stores. Here's what I bought.
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Go to Karen Karch Jewelry on Mulberry. I'm pretty sure this is the right answer to this question, even though some designs seem less minimalist because she custom-made my rings -- I'm pretty sure if you have a design in mind they will make it happen to your specs.

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I second Karen Karch. If you're willing to go to Brooklyn, try The Clay Pot.
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Response by poster: From the answers so far, definitely Teno, hands-down. All of the pics I'm seeing on Clay Pot, Karen Karch, etc. are too ornate. All we want is a simple, flat, square edged metal band. No patterns, no weird shapes, no stones, no designs. Simple = elegant.
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