Connect Computer to TV?
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How do I connect my Dell Inspiron 6000 computer to my Toshiba Cinema Series HD - Model 51HX84 TV to play movies that I have on my computer?
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Looks like you have an S-Video out port on the laptop. You could connect that to the TV's S-Video In port if it has one. You could get a VGA-to-HDMI adapter. You will need to connect the computer to external speakers as well.
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If you go the svideo route, the
quality isn't likely to be very good.

VGA to HDMI might be tricky, as the tv is probably expecting very specific signal types on that port.
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None of the connection methods will be very pretty. Your computer has S-Video and VGA out. Your TV has HDMI, Component, RCA and S-Video in. The easiest connection is a direct S-Video connection, but the resolution won't look very good as it will be 480i resolution.

To get HD resolutions, or something close to it, you will need some type of converter. There is a slim chance that a VGA to HDMI cable will work, but most computer/TV combos never work with these cables. Go for a converter box such as this guy.
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An Xbox 360 canstream movies from your pc to your tv, and wirelessly too. (Well, the xbox needs to be wired, but the pc doesn't.)

While it's expensive as a one-off solution, you may have one lying around or be able to acquire one cheap.
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