StickFigures, High Impact Presentation
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Trying to find a video about a young woman (editor?) from a major publishing house who did a really great, to-the-point stick-figure-simple powerpoint about ... how a book gets published? I can't remember if I saw it here, You Tube, mediabistro, Facebook -- oy. Searching has failed. Thanks!
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The Life of Book, by our very own ochredraco?
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Ooo, link did not work out..
The Life of a Book.
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HOORAY!! I. Can't. Believe. It. Was. Here. The. Whole. Time.
OK. I mean, of course I can believe it. Thank you Adridne! Thank you ochredracho!
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By the way, I want to use it to demonstrate to the young people I supervise how compelling, efficient and simple powerpoint presentations can be! I'm giving them an exercise to come up with a similiar treatment on a complex topic in our world. Thank you again!
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If you're looking for other easy-to-understand descriptions, check out CommonCraft.
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