What are your favourite science experiment themed music videos?
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For my latest video project, I'm creating a presentation that's science themed (think sexy girl in lab coat performing science experiments with a catchy music track). I'm looking for inspiration but my youtube and vimeo search fu can't seem to find anything.

Stuff that's high in artistic quality would be great - thanks! Doesn't necessarily have to be music videos either...
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Zheng Lab's Bad Project comes to mind.
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(that link should probably have a Gaga Filter warning on it)
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Such Great Heights
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Pink Glove Dance and sequel.

Anything by the Laryngospasms (not so great on the artistic front, though).
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Also, Kari Byron.
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(Last one...promise)
If you haven't seen Dance your PhD, you might find some things of interest there. They host videos on that page, but many of the previous years can be found on youtube.
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Most beautiful girl in the lab
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How can I be the first to mention She Blinded Me with Science!?!
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DEVO - Are You Experienced?
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Such Great Heights is more what I'm after, but with chemical reactions... any suggestions?
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No chemical reactions, but Kate McAlpine's hadronic rap is kinda cool (for nerdly values of cool).
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