Help an American overseas watch the SuperBowl!
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Anybody know of any live streams of the Super Bowl tonight that will be available online?

I am overseas and want to get the proper feed with English commentators. It can be US content only, as I do have a US based proxy. I've done a few searches and only found some shady looking options and for $30 which I find to be a bit high for the one game.

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Response by poster: Correction, wants $70 for the Super Bowl, or for $25 I can get a monthly pass that may give me access to the SB.
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The NFL is notoriously strict about this. They send lawyerhounds after anyone so much as using the term "Super Bowl" without permission. Check if broadcasters in your area have licensed it, for example I read that it will be live streaming on the BBC iPlayer so a UK proxy might work. Other than that, shady looking options are pretty much all you're going to find.
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Any bars around your area that are expat-friendly? I'm in Seoul, and there are several showing it live (Monday morning here) - several more are showing it taped Monday night.
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Response by poster: No luck with BBC iplayer unfortunately.

Bars here are required by law to shut down at 4am and the game will be going to atleast 5am.
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Response by poster: And besides, I want to be in the comfort of my living room.
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The NFL sinks a lot of resources and energy into enforcing its rights. I'd be surprised if you can find any options other than that aren't hella shady (and which may or may not work all night).
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You will probably just have to settle for someone recording it for you from cable. The only other options are live play-by-play on the internet or maybe an internet radio broadcast.
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It'll probably be live on
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