Not the Battle of Helm's Deep
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Where can I find a video clip of an old city defending its walls against an enemy (with axes, battering ram, catapults, towers)?

I'd like to show how important a city wall is to its people. If you know of a movie or good documentary, but can't find a clip of it, please suggest. Kingdom of Heaven is closest to what I'm looking for so far. Thanks.
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Well, it's definitely not the battle of Helm's Deep - so look at the seige of Minas Tirith from "Return of the King"

I think I remember a siege scene in "The Messenger" as well.
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Well, there was one at the beginning of the recent Robin Hood movie that I remember. I think Timeline also had a siege.
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The good guys in The Thirteenth Warrior build and defend wooden village walls. This is the one I'd want to use.
The Vikings invade a city and get over the walls.
There's a documentary about Masada and there was also a TV mini series. Masada was the site of a Jewish holdout on a high plateau in the first Jewish-Roman War.
Excalibur has some elements of siege warfare.
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The Harfleur speech in Shakespeare's Henry V ("Once more into the breach" and so on) is set at the siege of the city, and Branagh's version has good visuals of the wall and the breach in it. It also shows the resolution to the siege, which is the city's mayor realizing that once there's a hole in your city wall, there's not much holding out to be done.
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You can find a lot of public domain film clips on the site
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The siege and fall of Babylon in Intolerance.
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And the first 2 minutes of Robin and Marion has a good scene which would be very relevant.
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Just for fun, use a clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In addition to your real stuff, of course.
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