Can you help me find the title of this novel?
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Can you help me find the title of a novel (probably Young Adult) I read sometime between 1979 and 1981?

The protagonist is a modern-day teenage girl who witnesses the death of her boyfriend in a car accident. She has trouble dealing with his death (classic PTSD, though that term wasn't used yet), while worrying that she might be pregnant. She eventually discloses to the reader that she saw him die horribly when the car caught fire. I was far too young to be reading it and so here I am, 30+ years later, still thinking about it. It was paperback, and I am fairly sure it was a new release when I read it, and I have no idea where to begin looking.
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It sounds to me like it might be something by Joan Lowery Nixon who wrote YA thrillers around that time; she wrote over a hundred books I think so that might be a good place to start.
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It's not her boyfriend, it's her male best friend, but the book Say Goodnight Gracie sounds like it might fit the bill. I read it and loved it as a teen.
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Oops, it looks like it was published in 1988, which is before your specified timeframe. Hmm... maybe not then.
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Izzy, Willy-Nilly by Cynthia Voigt?
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I read that a loooong time ago, only remembered a traumatized teenage girl protagonist and her date in a car accident, the messy aftermath, and it feeling very early '80s cover-art-wise. But no, then I got up and looked it up after having coffee and I'm way off the mark. Sorry.
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Ifjuly: I remember that one, if it's the one where the heroine loses her leg? I think that's a bit later than specified as well...
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Response by poster: I am sorry to be so vauge. I remember she soaks in a hot bath a lot to try to trigger her very late period, and she has flashbacks to the boyfriend burning in the car and being horrifyingly melty. Hmm. This one might just stay a stumper. Thanks, all, for trying!
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