NYS Thruway poster: Where?
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Where can I find this poster?

I saw this poster in a NYS Thruway rest stop(Ramapo Travel Plaza) and really admired it. I'd like to get one, but my searching isn't turning anything up. I didn't see a copyright date. I looked on the Thruway web site, and even called them, no luck. Googling "Helping New York State Grow" lists a a booklet in the NYS Depository library, but no poster.

My original plan was to cut out the panels and frame them individually. If I can't get this poster, could anyone suggest clip art that looks like the animals?

Sorry for the photo quality, but my cell is not a Nikon.
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Contact the New York State Thruway Authority / Canal Corporation?
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Have you tried the Library of Congress? I managed to buy a long-desired poster from there. It has a pretty comprehensive search engine.
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For what it's worth, the illustrations in the poster look like any number of kitchen bric-a-brac etchings I might find at Bed Bath & Beyond or in an illustrated olde-tymey cookbook.
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