Help me choose my next keyboard
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Recommend me a new keyboard (/mouse combo) for my PC

I'm in the market for a new keyboard. I'm using a wireless Microsoft keyboard (3000 series) but I hate it.

I've gotten used to the laptop keyboard style on the Eee PC and Macbook instead of pressing down from on high to get a character on the screen.

I do some FPS gaming etc. and coding. I've heard good things about Logitech. My budget is ~£50 but I'd go higher for the right model.

Could anyone give me some recommendations? Possible bonus for a keyboard/mouse combo. Preferably wireless with low action keys similar to a laptop.

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I recently bought logitech G9x gaming mouse (wired). They're sometimes on sale on newegg for ~35-40 with rebate. I like it much better than wireless ms mouse I had before, even though I use it for normal desktop use and some illustrator, not gaming.

I really like ABS M1 mechanical keyboard but it's nothing like laptop keyboards and is wired. I honestly can't stand either laptop or rubber dome keyboards. I sometimes use IBM "clicky" model M keyboard but it's even farther away from laptop keyboards. I mostly do coding - a lot - 6-10 hours / day.
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I am a huge fan of Das Keyboard (or any keyboard using mechanical switches made by Cherry). It is expensive, but so so so worth the comfort.
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Best answer: I love this Logitech passionately. Really easy to press the keys. No mouse associated with it, though.
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I just bought the keyboard lakeroon links to a couple weeks ago and went from someone who thought one keyboard was much like the other to someone trying to convince his boss to let him get one for the office.
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The buttons and layout of an Apple Wireless Keyboard are much like that of a MacBook keyboard. You might look at the Apple Mighty Mouse, as well. You'll need Bluetooth, and there are third-party drivers for using the mouse under Windows.
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I currently use a sun type 7 and a razer mamba.
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Best answer: Ditto that Logitech keyboard. It's very close to what you describe.

I also like the Logitech Anywhere MX mouse for its simplicity. You may prefer it's more-heavilty buttoned larger sibiling.
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