Celebratory Dinner in San Juan Puerto Rico
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Where's a good place in San Juan, PR, to host a 50-person rehearsal dinner for a group with diverse tastes?

Hi, MeFi! Me and my mister are going to celebrate our nuptials in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in mid-December 2011. We'd like to get a few suggestions on where to hold our Friday or Saturday night rehearsal dinner.

Who we are: About 50 people. Some locals, but a lot of my fragile-palated American family as well. Among the bridal party, we have vegans, vegetarians, and folks with celiac disease.

Where we'll be: The ceremony is in Río Piedras, and the reception will either be in Condado or Isla Verde. We expect most people to be staying in Condado or Isla Verde. Viejo San Juan might be okay, if there's ample parking nearby.

What we want: Something fun, flexible, and tasty for our extremely heterogenous group. Budget of $2000. Also alcohol, if possible.

We considered the family's go-to Arab restaurant, but they don't host private events on Friday or Saturday. Also, I worried a bit about cross-contamination for my gluten-sensitive friend.

The front-runner right now is a place owned by a friend of the family. It's got familiar steak and seafood dishes for my less adventurous cousins, some salads for the herbivores in the group, and a fancy drink menu. Score!

But we'd love to have some more options, just in case. Do you have any suggestions?
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You could try El Metropol (warning: annoying website that plays music). They have a location in Isla Verde. Technically they are a Cuban restaurant, but our cuisines are very similar. They host events and activities so one of their locations should be able to fit 50.

You might also try one of chef Wilo Benet's restraurants in Condado to see if they do events.

I can think of a couple of others, but they are in the Hato Rey area (which is close to Isla Verde and Condado, but I know you specified those 2 areas as preferable). Can you mention which restaurant is the one owned by a friend of the fmaily? It might help also jog my memory depending on where it's located or what kind of place it is.

Fitting dietary restrictions is, frankly, not easy in PR, but I am sure you can ask when you call what they can accomodate.
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DrG, Hato Rey would be fine, too, especially if it's a good fit for the group. The family friend's restaurant is Blu Guayaba.
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