Does this calendar still exist and where can I find it?
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I'm trying to find an unusual four-season calendar kit I had as a kid that included stick-on Colorform-like transparencies.

I want to find this calendar kit I had in the early 1980s, but I have no idea who made it or if it still exists. It consisted of several pieces.

As I remember, the main part was a laminated sheet, maybe 8-10 inches high, that contained a calendar grid of numbers (1-31), but no days of the week; a drawing of a bare tree and surrounding ground; and drawings of a boy and a girl.

The rest of the kit consisted of several Colorform-like, partly-transparent pieces that you would stick onto the main sheet to show what month or season it was:

-- For the tree/ground, there were four different pieces that would make the tree look like it was covered with snow, or full of leaves, or only partly covered with leaves (autumn), or with little spring buds.

-- For the boy and girl, you could make them look like they were in parkas, in fall clothes, in spring clothes, or in summer bathing suits.

-- Finally, there was a sticker that said "SUNDAY" or "SUN." that you would stick above the "1" on the number grid to make the current month's calendar accurate.

I have no idea what company made it, or if it still exists, or how to go about finding it. Google and eBay have not helped at all. Any ideas? Or does anyone else remember having something like this?
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Looks like from this page a version of this was called "My Colorforms Calendar" and has at least once turned up on eBay.

Google seems to suggest, though does not confirm for sure, that the original Colorforms box had calendar pieces in it, too. A company is making those sets again, and one can be had on Amazon for about $30.

If it's just a similar functionality you're looking for, and not the nostalgia of that specific set, this concept reminds me a lot of the bulletin board calendars that were posted in all of my elementary school classes in the early '90's. I remember enjoying seeing the calendar change month to month. These are still available at teacher supply stores, and if you looked, you might find something more in line with the Colorforms idea.
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Hmm, neither of those looks like the one. I'm pretty sure this was not a Colorforms-brand calendar; it just used the same cling-on concept.

Teacher supply stores might be a good place for me to start, though. Thanks for the tip.
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