DVD compression?
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I love MacTheRipper for OSX. Could someone tell me what is a comparable piece of software that will compress the ripped files so they will fit on one 4.7 dvd disc.
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doh, you silly mac users.....

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There's also DVDRemaster. I often see HandBrake mentioned, too. And ffmpegX is a very handy tool for any video arsenal.
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I use Popcorn but have not tried anything else so can't really compare it. It ain't free, however.
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DVD2OneX works great, but alas it also isn't free.
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Ditto on Popcorn
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FYI: Popcorn won't copy a protected DVD. I use DVD2OneX, and I'm very happy with it.
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Popcorn works fine on formerly-encrypted DVDs once MacTheRipper has worked its decss magic, it just can't do the rip itself since it is pretending to be fine upstanding software. Just point it at the VIDEO_TS folder created by MTR. I've found it to be a slighly less reliable in terms of giving me playable output than DVD2OneX, and I use it rarely.

As far as I know, Handbrake doesn't do VIDEO_TS targeted recompression. It's damn good software otherwise.

ffmpegX has a handy mode to automatically do this with a click of a button, but it is slow. And only works on registered versions of the front end. Also, ffmpegX is kind of a pain in the ass to install for the first time.
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Handbrake is great. From what i remember (haven't used it for a few months) you can just type in a target file size and rip directly from a DVD.

Not sure if it keeps the menus and stuff intact though...
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Handbrake is great, but I want to emphasize: It does not do what the poster is asking for, which is create DVDs. What you get out of Handbrake is a big honkin AVI file, not a VIDEO_TS containing a bunch of VOB files.
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