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NameThatSongFilter: He was telling me to throw my hands in the air, but it wasn't Taio Cruz.

It was an Electro-Dance-Hip-Hop sort of song, and the music video started out with a couple of sweaty guys standing next to a wheelbarrow doing some sort of construction project. The rest of it was in a classroom, with everybody wearing school uniforms and dancing to a light-show. I can't remember any of the lyrics, aside from something about throwing your hands in the air... any ideas?
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All I can think of is "All I Do is Win" but the music video isn't right, hrmm....
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Best answer: Chris Willis - Louder (Put Your Hands Up)? There's a couple sweaty guys briefly in the opening (but no wheelbarrow--perhaps you're remembering the bathtub as a wheelbarrow?) and then the second half of the video is in a classroom with school uniforms and light show.
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SEV has a song called "Same Old Song", though I can't find the official music video...

The chorus goes something like:

Whatcha say whoa, say yeah
Whatcha wanna
Throw your hands in the a-a-air
Throw your hands in the air!

Came out in about 2002
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Response by poster: Bathtub, wheelbarrow... same thing. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Upon further investigation, we were both right; Here it is with the intro.
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