Save my neck from iPad on treadmill pains!
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Can anyone point me to an ipad mount for my treadmill?

I have been putting my ipad on the little shelf of my treadmill, but this causes me to look down when watching films, which has begun to strain my neck.

I am hoping to find a way to mount it at eye level, or at least slightly higher up so I don't bend my neck as much.

I have googled around for ipad treadmill mounts, but haven't had much luck. Any thoughts? Someone must make one?

This is for my own treadmill so it doesn't need to be easy to take on or off?
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Here's Fred Wilson's solution
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If you can't find a product/solution out there, you can build one out of pipes. Plumbing pipes... 1/2 inch is fine -- they just have to screw into each other. Play around with some elbow joints etc and mount to a piece of wood on the end with a flange (I believe it's called a flange. You can insert pipe into it and it's got screw holes for mounting onto the wood).

Otherwise you might get a monitor stand/mount with adjustable arms and find a way to make it work.
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Response by poster: Fred's solution is about the height it is already at...I need it at eye(ish) level. His looks like I would still need to look down.
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Music stand right by the treadmill?
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Depending on your location / availability, Brodit Pro clip is what you need for the actual attaching; height-wise though, some form of pole-within-a-pole with a jubilee clip maybe?
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Could you just make the treadmill face a wall and use a Wallee?
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