"Could not validate this combination of email address and password."
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[Gmail filter] I am trying to import all my stuff (mail, contacts, folders) from Yahoo to Gmail but I have encountered an error and can't find the solution anywhere. Help, please? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This is what I have been following. However, I've encountered an error in Step 4. I keep getting this message:

"Could not validate this combination of email address and password."

My e-mail address and password are correct. I don't know why there's an error. I went to the Troubleshoot section but after answering a few questions, the endpoint was to go to the forum and post my issue. I searched the forum and found this; and nobody seems to have replied/helped them yet.

I tried searching everywhere for an answer but to no avail. Someone in the forum suggested enabling the POP3 option in Yahoo -- but that only works in so far as importing/forwarding mail that's in the inbox. I want everything to be imported, including mail that's in my folders, and I want to do this in the least stressful way possible (hence going for the automated Gmail import feature, which failed).

From my understanding it's possible to import *all* mail, even for regular Yahoo mail users, and that you don't have to upgrade to Yahoo Plus. So what am I doing wrong? My google-fu has failed me. Would really appreciate help on this one.
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I think you'll need to upgrade to the paid version in order to get IMAP access to the folders.
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