Best cartoony games for the PS3
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What are some good cartoony type games for the PS3?

For Christmas I got my dad a PS3 mainly for the blu-ray player and netflix and much to my surprise he loves playing games on it (we have a wii and he refuses to touch it.). I got him a couple of games so far and the games he loves are:

Rachet and Clank all 3 (these are his favorites)
Pixel Junk Shooter
Pixel Junk Monsters
Tiger Woods Golf
Uncharted 2 (he likes it but has a hard time controlling both joysticks at once)
Little Big Planet (he's on the fence about these)

Games he doesn't like:
Call of Duty
God of War
Realistic Shooter Games

I'm debating getting Fat Princess for him. So my question is what are some easy yet in depth platform type games for the PS3 along the lines of Rachet and Clank? Easy to control and slow learning curve would be best (the last games he played were Atari, he's still getting used to the controller) and two player would be a huge plus. We don't have a Move (yet) are there any games or the Move that he would like? Thanks!
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Best answer: Sly Cooper Collection is probably the best cartoony platformer. It's a remastered collection of older games, if that's a concern, but it looks and plays well.
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Best answer: Castle Crashers
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get deathspank.

fat princess sux.
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Calling All Cars
Super Stardust HD
PixelJunk Shooter has a sequel coming out soon (stoked)
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I wholeheartedly 2nd the Sly Cooper rec.
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Costume Quest? You sort of have to understand RPG mechanics, but once you get the general idea it's adorable and fun.
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Fat Princess is nice, except for EXTREME lag problems. The lag alone makes it unplayable, for me.

Could have been so much fun if only they'd fix that issue.
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Yeah, Fat Princess is full of potential, it's just hard to find a lot of people playing at once. Anytime I go online I end up in a game with 2-3 other humans and 15-25 bots. Disappointing because it's pretty fun otherwise; just really easy to stalemate in a MP game that's almost all bots.

I thought Costume Quest and its wee little expansion DLC were A+ great, but trivially easy, and some might find them a tad too cutesy. Castle Crashers is majorly loved on XBox Live, interesting to see if it finds its audience on the PS3 as well.

Earthworm Jim HD and ModNation Racers shouldn't escape mention either, and he might like the puzzle mechanic of Flock.

Almost every one of the games recommended here has a free downloadable demo on PSN. Throw all these demos at him and see what sticks!
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I found DeathSpank kind of tiresome. Like, it was a "game" in the sense of "it's a video game," but not in the sense of "this is an activity that I am enjoying."

On the other hand, you can get a copy of Katamari Forever (which is basically half new material and half best-hits stuff) for a song, and nobody doesn't love rolling stuff up. The difficulty curve is a little inconsistent at times but overall it's just ridiculously fun.
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Seconding Sly Cooper. It's like Ratchet and Clank, only you're a raccoon instead.
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Another vote for Katamari Forever, lots of fun.
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We just got Little Big Planet 2 and it's awesome! it has more developed story mode, and lots more things you can do to interact with the level, i.e. holding, throwing & even a grappling hook instead of just grabbing & dragging. I highly recommend it.
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Joe Danger!
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Best answer: You really should check out LBP, it is a lot of fun.

I haven't had much time to game lately but I recently made my way through Trine and really enjoyed it. It is not so much "cartoony" but the puzzles are fun and it has a platformer feel to it.
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Would 3D Dot Game Heroes fit the bill? Sort of a retro-spoofy-tribute to late-80s-early-90s RPGs, with humour and arcadey-type gameplay.
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