Recommended PS3 repair specialist in Vancouver, Canada?
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Recommended PS3 repair specialist in Vancouver, Canada?

I'm asking on the behalf of a friend, whose PS3 is affected by the red ring of death. His PS3 is his baby, so he wants the best service rather than what's cheapest. Does anyone recommend a place in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to get it repaired? He's looking for repair, not replacement. Thanks!
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Sorry, not red ring of death, that's Xbox! The PS3's symptoms are yellow light of death, blinking red light of death, it died idling in the xmb.
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I've had this happen to my PS3 and I've fixed it myself. There are videos on the internet that explain quite well how to take the PS3 apart and heat up the chips. I've heard that Sony will fix it for $150 if out of warranty, but that they really just replace it and you'll lose all your content if you don't back it up first.

Even after fixing it, I still had the problem re-occur after a few months a couple more times before I gave up and bought a new one. If you get a new one or have Sony fix it, you'll lose one of the 5 licenses you get for downloaded content. Last time I fixed it, I immediately moved my content and switched to the new unit. I suspect that it can't really be permanently fixed, which is why Sony replaces them when sent in.
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