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What's the address of Flava Flav's new eatery in Clinton, IA?

After finding out that Flava Flav is opening a chicken eatery, some friends and I decided that a road trip was in order. The trouble: None of us can find the address online! Any searches we do just pull up news articles. Can MeFi help?
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Best answer: I found this: 916 N. Second St.
posted by serunding at 9:27 PM on January 25, 2011

Well from here the picture shows that it is next to a KFC. There are 3 KFCs in Clinton, two on 2nd street, so that should narrow it down.
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This should confirm it - Flav's Fried Chicken - with a phone number too.
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Oh Snap. Hey LSK - I grew up in Clinton, so if you need more ideas for weird things to see/do in the area, please feel free to shoot me a MeMail.

2nd St. is the 'strip.' It's where all the high school kids go cruising and hang out in parking lots. The FFC is in a spot where a Long John Silver's used to be.
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