Sunday Brunch in Des Moines, Iowa
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Des Moines, Iowa. Sunday Brunch. My google-fu fails me. Is there any nice place out there for Sunday Brunch?

We used to go to the Crystal Tree; not often, but occasionally. I'd like to find somewhere comparable. It should be nice, upscale, pleasant and not yet-another-Chinese-food-in-a-steam-table place. I have nothing against fried rice and cashew chicken. I like fried rice and cashew chicken. I just want a place that does made-to-order omelets and rare roast beef, and tropical fruit salad, and roast chicken, and a bunch of other things hot and cold. With a signature item (Crystal Tree always had a variation on Eggs Benedict.)

Bonus points for linen napkins, china dishes and crystal wine glasses. Plastic is OUT.

Is there such a place in the area? Des Moines, Altoona, Ames, Ankeny, etc?
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Here's one.
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GAH! More inside, I curse you!
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Centro (downtown on Locust), La Mie bakery, and I've heard Granite City Brewery (a chain, in West Des Moines) are good. 25th St. Cafe used to have one but I believe that no longer exists.
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The Granite City in my town is decent, and does eggs benedict. The Centro is excellent for Monday-Saturday eating, but I've never gone for brunch.
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You must try Chowhound for recommendations. They have never failed me. The wisdom of the regulars on the boards there is amazing.
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I've been told by an Iowan that there is a rotating Holiday Inn with a brunch. Not sure on the made-to-order omelet part though.
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