Wow... that's a lot of money.
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HALP! Can you suggest an auto mechanic within about 10-15 miles of King of Prussia, PA who might be able to do a better price than the dealership on a full clutch replacement? 2006 Subaru Impreza. Difficulty: I need to call back in about an hour.

The dealer says it's gonna be $1800 to replace my clutch assembly. Know anybody who can do better?
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BTW, why do you only have an hour? Are they going to light your car on fire at 10:30 AM?
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$775 - $1193 according to my handy iPhone app RepairPal. I used 19012 as I'm too lazy to look up KoP zip code, but it's close enough. Take that estimate with a grain of salt as they tend to run low. No specific shop to recommend, but there is something for you to consider. I stopped using Glanzman Subaru when my car went out of warranty, dealers will kill you.
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Are you on Nasioc? Check them out. I'm sure someone there can help.
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I know of a good shop in Philadelphia who repairs everything. Granted, its farther than 15 miles, but a good shop is a good shop. Larry's Auto Repairs 5501 Walnut St. Philadelphia. Phone is 215-474-8100. Understand that dealers are always at the top of the price range for any service, and that I've never seen, known of or personally had a clutch repair cost less than rougly $600, and that was on 2wd vehicles with significantly less complex drivetrains than a late model awd vehicle of any brand has so YMMV. Good luck!
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BTW, why do you only have an hour? Are they going to light your car on fire at 10:30 AM?

No, but I am missing work because of this. If I don't get the car into the chosen shop, authorized for repairs, sometime early today, then it's not likely to get done before Thursday or Friday.
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I'm a 2 time Subaru owner. Yes, dealers prices can be outrageous at times. However, what you also pay for is getting the job done right and usually a year warranty on the repair. I've had too many experiences with "mechanics" that don't have a clue.
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No, but I am missing work because of this.

Ah. Just so you're not being pressured by the shop.
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Alright, thanks folks! I did my own calling around and found a local transmission shop, just up the street, that'll do it for between $900 and $1300 (depending on whether I need a new flywheel). Even with the cost of the flatbed, that's still way cheaper.

Thank y'all very much for the support.
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