Realistic lobster magnet?
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Looking for a specific hard-to-find lobster magnet. Realistic lobster image (not cartoon), dark ruddy/blueish color (not bright red), about 10-14" long, no background, no text, just a cut-out shape of a lobster. The whole thing was made of magnet, such that it would stick to a car.

We know such a magnet exists, because friend had one which was stolen. The original came from a souvenir shop in Maine a few years ago; she doesn't have more info than that.

She's searched for months for a replacement, with no luck. I've searched in all the ways I can think of, including in some souvenir shops in Maine.

Can AskMe find it?

(Anon because I want to surprise the friend whose magnet was stolen, while preserving the anonymity of my main account here from colleagues.)
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like This ?
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Could it have been this? The size is right, and it's at least somewhat realistic, though not exactly bluish.
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oh, dark bad
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If you can't find it, think about these Inkjet Magnet Sheets (or other similar product). You can find an image of the lobster you want and print out your own magnet.
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Here's one possibility: dark reddish cutout lobster magnet
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