I want to min / max my khakis
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I want to min / max my khakis. Where can I find the highest quality khakis for the lowest price? Bonus points for wrinkle-free.

One of the jokes about Pete Carroll is that the guy apparently owns 20 pairs of the same khaki pants. I'm wondering if this might actually work...
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If he wanted, Pete Carroll could tour three or four Goodwill outlets in LA and get 20 good pairs of wrinkle-free khakis for under $200.

Otherwise: Costco
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Bonobos are supposedly nice.

I'm currently wearing a pair of Brooks Brothers Khakis. They were expensive, but they look great (almost as good as the day they were new), and have thus far outlasted my last few pairs from J. Crew and Banana Republic several times over.

Oh, and always get your nice clothes altered. It's cheap, and really does look that much better.
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Bonobos are great.
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My husband has a pair of these Pronto Uomo's from Men's Warehouse that are honest-to-god wrinkle free and machine washable. They look nicer than most of the slacks he gets dry cleaned.
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I like Eddie Bauer khakis but the Goodwill is an excellent place to shop as well.
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In terms of mall brands, Brooks Brothers beats J Crew, Gap, Jos A Banks, Dockers, et al. Plus they have several fits and frequent sales. The best sales are after Christmas (missed it) and around fathers day. This year also had a great pre-Christmas sale. Find your size and style and wait it out. Look out for Brooks Buys, also.

Right now, Milano (slimmer fitting) vintage wash are on clearance for $40.
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Thrift stores, by far.

(This presumes that either you like shopping at thrift stores, or your time isn't particularly valuable. Since I mention it, how much time and effort are you willing to put into this thing? Monitoring deal websites? Regularly searching eBay? Making a trip to an outlet mall someplace? Touring a bunch of thrift stores once a week?)
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I really like the Corps by Bonobos. Great pair of pants for $60. Memail me and I can hook you up with a discount code.
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I wear Mall Ninja- and cop-friendly khakis from 5.11 Tactical [n.b., also the source of Andy Ihnatko's famous Internet Pants]. They look pretty good, have worn well so far (a year on my oldest pair), and I wear them for four or five work days before washing them.

Note that I wore a uniform in school for years (including an Army JROTC uniform of green shirts & wool pants throughout high school), so it was natural that I adopt the same plan for my working life. I got a number of mostly L.L. Bean shirts, several pairs of near-identical pants, and two belts. Off I go every morning in clothes that I took out and stacked up the evening before. In this case I have three pairs of "Birch" and one "Oak" of 5.11's tactical Khakis. They have a generous cut and plenty of pockets, they're stain-resistant, and they cost under twenty bucks at closeout pricing online.

Sure, they're a cancelled product now, but I stocked up on a few spares. And when they wear out, I will find something similar.

The problem with shopping at thrift stores is that -- on the khakis that I donate, anyway -- the cuffs are shot and look terrible.
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