Need advice from the hivemind on a plotter to cut packaging dielines...
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Anyone have experience in using a plotter to cut C1S (heavier coated card stock)? What are you using? I am looking to cut some packaging die lines and create actual nice folded samples. Doing them by had is getting really tedious. I would appreciate any info on other options to accomplish this and have the samples be nice enough to send to clients for approval. As always- Thanks in advance hivemind.
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I use my Silhouette to cut cardstock. (I have used some pretty thick stock, but I'm not sure if I've ever used your exact media.)

It has a plug-in to send jobs right from Illustrator. The plug-in also enable you to cut dotted lines and vary the thickness (if you wanted to cut half-way through for a fold - may take some experimentation). I think the material max width is 9", but the max length is 36".

The machine is super small too.
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I'm coming back to say that the plotters I work with at my job only plot ink--not cut. And I know the Silhouette is more of a personal use device, but it really is awesome.

And if you what to buy one, I'd recommend overstock-- much cheaper than the company's site.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info Kronur. The Silhouette looks pretty cool but I think I need something that can handle something closer to 24" - 36" wide. Think liquor gift box packaging.
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