Hey, ya....I can't shake it like a Polaroid picture.
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Vintage-Polaroid-Troubleshooting-Filter: Yay! I finally bought a vintage Polaroid One Step 600 (looks very similar to this) in The Big City. I bought this film for it. But...no pictures. Help?

Any ideas? I believe that I loaded the film correctly, as the black cartridge cover ejected as it should once the film was loaded. According to The Impossible Project it is indeed the correct film for my camera. But when I go to take a picture, nothing happens. The flash light is on (although perhaps this is meaningless), but pressing the shutter does nothing--no noise, no resistance, no nothing--certainly no picture.

Any ideas or resources? I can definitely take the film out in my light-less bathroom if anyone has ideas about how to troubleshoot fixing this on my own. I've got a user's manual coming in the mail but I have a few events this weekend at which I'd love to use the camera, and my google-fu failed me big time.
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Best answer: Here's a users' manual.
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Response by poster: Amazing, amazing, amazing---thank you so much! And now to brush up on my Googling... :)
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I've had a couple caneras similar to that; are you sure you're pressing hard enough? I seem to recall that the shutter release had quite a bit of resistance to it, and had a very tangible 'click' when the picture was taken.

If the cartridge cover ejected when it was loaded, and the 'flash' indicator is lit up, then it is properly getting power from the cartridge battery and the mechanism is working. It may be that the shutter release is broken.
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Response by poster: Nope, I think the users' manual had it; when the red light is on it indicates that the flash needs a charge, so hold the shutter until the flash is charged and the red light goes off, then it should work. Fingers crossed for trying it later!
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