Where to buy modern sculpture in Bay Area?
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I want to buy a piece of sculpture for my garden. I'm looking for something very modern, optionally with a Japanese theme. The largest size for the base is 2'x3', height 5 feet to 7 feet. Where can I go in the Bay Area to see a decent selection? To give you an idea, here's the one place I was able to find that looks good, but I'd like to see more choices. Also, that place is a bit more expensive than I'd prefer, though it's not a deal-breaker.
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Best answer: There are actually a few cool pieces on Etsy, but they're not in the Bay Area. Bird-feeder sculpture, Maritime Massive, these sculptures, garden guardian (it moves!), and this is a cool modern firepit! (I totally want that firepit now!)

I'd also call Flora Grubb to see if they have anything like that.

Sculptor in San Jose.
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Amazon apparently has a few options: red twist.

David Harber - no clue on costs.

When you say optional Japanese theme, what are you thinking about? Any links for reference there?
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A New Leaf Gallery has a bunch of gorgeous outdoor sculptures. If that search doesn't work, click on search sculpture, then check off the "outdoor" and "outdoor temperate climate" boxes.

Stephen Kishel

These are in Michigan, no idea about pricing.

Stone Forest has a few contemporary metal/stone sculptures and fountains. This one accepts a light or candle!
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Last one - Eric Powell is a metal sculptor in Berkeley. Perhaps he could make one for you!
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Response by poster: Great links, barnone! For an example of Japanese, see this Stone Forest item: http://www.stoneforest.com/gardenstore/products/view/167

Obviously too small for my application, but a nice inersection of Japanese and modern.
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A few more:

- I've always liked some of Dempsy Calhoun's pieces. I've seen many in person and they show much better than online.
- some of Paul Hill's pieces would work, but not in NC and maybe too expensive? They have a real presence.
- Edwin White has some that look up your alley, but you'd have to check on price. Here's a little article about him.
- how do you feel about reused metal? Some of these repurposed/recycled metal sculptures are unique and beautiful without being too whimsical
- I assume Bret Price's pieces are way too expensive for the average homeowner, but just in case I offer it here
- these by Richard Walker seem affordable to me but maybe they're too small (i.e this one is $375+ shipping and is 36" high, plus a 30" stand.) Perhaps he could make a larger piece in a design you like?
- Jeff Owens seems to have a bit of a Japanese/modern vibe to some of his pieces. This one is called Om and was $1500 and about 80" tall. Amarillo is beautiful too.
- Stephen Kishel has some nice pieces, but they seem to be in the ~$5000 range.
- is this sculpture made from recycled farm implements too silly?
- This one from ebay seems ridiculously cheap, but they have good feedback.... worth more investigation??
- Harvey Gallery has some $1500+. This Crescent piece is $1500
- Jon Saggiurgarte is a metalsmith and sculptor in Oakland. Maybe email him to see if he's done garden art?
- Archie Held seems right up your alley, but no clue on prices.

This site has a few other good suggestions and you can use it for more research.

Hope you find something you love!
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Response by poster: Barnone, you're a machine! I ended up getting Jeff Owen's "Ormindo", which looks awesome.

A warning to buyers of shiny outdoor sculpture: the shiny bits were rusting when it was delivered. I took steel wool and high-grit sandpaper to it and then spray lacquered it at Jeff's suggestion, and now it is and will stay shiny. I happen to have a lacquer spraying setup at home, so no biggie, but I suspect I'm in the minority.
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