Is there a true counter depth fridge with reasonable width out there?
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Too tiny! Too tall! Too deep! Is there a Goldilocks fridge out there that is just right? I need a counter-depth fridge (with freezer, top or bottom) that really is counter depth -- 24-25 inches at the most with door and handle -- without being more than 32 inches wide. Many so-called "counter-depth" fridges I've seen are 29-30 inches deep once the door and handles are included, and even when I find one the right depth, it's very wide, typically 35-36 inches. The best match I've found so far is the LG 349, but it's a full six inches narrower than my current (awkward, too deep) fridge, and the slightly larger version I've seen at a store still seems toy-sized and flimsy inside, while being a little too tall for me at 74 inches. I'm in Canada (Toronto, to be precise).
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Best answer: When I was looking for appliances within tight and rather atypical specifications, AJ Madison's web site was a hugely helpful resource. In your specifications there are quite a few choices, see here. The specifications for each fridge typically list depth with handle and depth without...hopefully that'll help you find what you need. No clue how the international aspect might impact availability, sorry. Good luck!
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Does this sub-zero model meet your requirements? It may be a little tall, if 74" is too much.
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A little deep, at 28", and a little wide at 32.25"... So not as good a fit as I was hoping.
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Response by poster: Well, I think it's been confirmed that I'm a niche market or just not as blonde as I used to be, because I can't find a decently sized fridge that will use the exact space I have most efficiently. I've measured and re-measured and 28" deep and/or 80" high just won't fit.

But the AJ Madison site is awesome, with incredibly detailed search options and an extensive array of reviews. I found the American version of the LG fridge I'm favouring and the reviews make me a little more confident about how well it will work for me. The site is probably a great resource for anyone, because you should be able to find some appliance that works for you, and you can always harass the manufacturer in your country to see if they have something comparable.

Thanks, all!
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