Computer repair shop in Adelaide?
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What is a good computer repair shop in Adelaide?

My Toshiba laptop abruptly stopped working last night. It seems to be a hardware, rather than a software, problem, but I am not really sure.

It's no longer under warranty. I can't afford a new laptop at this point, so I really need to repair it... what repair shop should I take it to?
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We go to Second Byte Computers. It's in Blackwood, which may be a bit out of your way, but we have had nothing but good experiences with them.
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They're in Eden Hills now.

274 Shepherds Hill Road
Eden Hills SA 5050
(08) 8370 0422

Colour me staggered you appear to live 3 houses away.
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Heh. The address on my profile isn't my precise address -- but I didn't want my actual one up there for privacy reasons, so I just picked a random number on the nearest big street (Shepherds Hill). It's funny that my "fake" is so close to Second Byte, though!
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Thank you, both of you! ^_^

I went there today and they only charged me $25 to have a look and diagnose the problem.

They think that it's a flat battery, which surprises me, because it's been working perfectly for ages (since July 2009) on mains power with a dead battery, so who knows... I'll give them a call tommorrow to sort it out.

Thanks again. ^_^
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