I'm looking for a specific website which graphically shows relationships between musical acts.
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I've reformatted my PC as of late, so I've lost the bookmark. The site has a very nice interface wherein you type in an artist/band's name and you are shown other acts which might be of interest , with samples. Very useful site. I remember that it was quite comprehensive and difficult to stump with obscure acts/artists. Please help. Thanks!
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audioscrobbler.com or last.fm? Those don't sound like what you're talking about, but they're good (they're basically the same system, and share a database). I'm curious what the answer is, if it's something else!
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Music/Live plasma?
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If no one can tell you exactly for which service you are looking, knowing that you're searching for a "recommendatoion engine" may help.
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Thanks! It was musicplasma; now liveplasma. That's what I needed. Actually, I think I originally discovered it through metafilter. Thank you.
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There is also Allmusic which I don't use myself, but a colleague finds recommendable.
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Wow. Interesting site.
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there's also ISHKUR for a lovely genealogy of electronica, complete with artist names. There's a respectable samples database on that site as well. Worth a peek.
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Wow. Very interesting site. Pretty too.
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