Lax scholarship help?
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Are there any sources of funding that I might try for last-minute lacrosse scholarships?


So I go to a relatively non-wealthy public school and have gone to another public school for several years to play lacrosse. Lacrosse is a club sport, so it is not subsidized by money for athletics and everything is covered by either player fees (the way this team does it) or sponsorships/fundraising/etc. All in all, it ends up costing close to $250 plus equipment for each player, in contrast to the $50/25 it costs for a 'normal' school sport.

I'm blessed in that paying the fees has never been a struggle for my family, but this year I was focusing more strongly on recruiting at my school and trying to build a bigger group of girls to come with me. While I've met with a lot of interest and support from other students and adults in the school (it's a goal to build a lacrosse program at my school over the next few years) the money thing is big. Basically, I have 4-5 players that would play if not for the fees, and the season starts in a month. I would *really* like them to play, but this team has never offered scholarships before and doesn't have a fund for that.

I'm trying to poke around the school and see if there are funds for subsidizing the cost of playing, but the PTSA is a pretty tiny, non-wealthy one and the rest of the school isn't exactly rolling in it. One of the gym teacher is helping me out, but I was wondering if the wonderful MeFites here might have any ideas.

Are there any other funds I could look for in the community? I have confidence I could easily put together a small presentation on the importance of this, but I'm not sure who to go to. Since it's not 'my' team (I'm not even a captain), seeking sponsorship from a business seems odd and any sort of grants from local foundations should probably have been sought long ago. Still, there must be *someone* out there who would like to give money (I think maybe a subsidy of around $150 per player would be ideal, so maybe $750 in all). It is a lot of money, but that amount is regularly given for college scholarships and similar by local families and foundations - why not lacrosse scholarships instead?

Also, I'll be graduating this year but if there is anything I could start in advance to make sure my friends could afford it next year that would be awesome.

I live in Seattle, if that helps in finding local stuff or whatever.
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Also, I recognize this may not happen and that's okay. I'd just like to try to exhaust every option first - I mean, it's tough when people are super into the idea of doing this but they can't afford to, y'know?
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At my university, there was an athletic fee and a student fee. The athletic fee covered the official sports, but the club sports were supported by the student fee.

The budget requests were turned in about now for the next school year, though. They did grant mid year requests for unexpected opportunities like getting into a regional championship.

It couldn't hurt to ask around at your school. You can go to the administration building/section and start asking around. There are people there that know where the money is, even if it is off campus.

Is there a list of lacrosse alumni? Perhaps they would donate.
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Monday, the question is about school, not university.
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never mind, I can't read.
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What does the money pay for? It is easier to ask for a goals, sticks, balls, and free coaching then it is to flat out ask for cash. Disaggregate the liability/grounds fees out - can everyone afford them? Then call up US Lacrosse and tell them what you are looking for. There are def. programs set up to support nascent high school programs in non-traditional areas. Also I'm guessing your coach is probably some recent grad of a D-1 program - have her hit up her contacts for equipment. The lacrosse world isn't very big.

But just getting cash is going to be very very hard.
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What about asking local sporting goods stores or online suppliers to donate?
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For the relatively minor sum of $750, I think a local business is your best bet. Also, see if you can somehow develop a list of LAX enthusiasts in town. Maybe search LinkedIn, or even Facebook filtered by the keyword lacrosse and Seattle. Is there an adult lacrosse league in Seattle? You need to find adults with money, and an interest in lacrosse.
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Go to the US Lacrosse website and the tab "Programs and Grants". They are the defacto if not official governing body and are actively trying to expand the sport at the youth level. They have grants and other programs. I also agree with COD, that getting a local merchant such as a sporting goods store to sponsor or donate equipment is a good idea. I would be concerned about who gets the scholarships. Are tehy going to kids who cannot afford it or to some who do not want to pay but can afford it?
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Yes - I would discourage you from creating "Scholarships" and encourage you to find a way to decrease the costs of playing. Any sponsorships you have would need to renewed yearly and that uncertainty isn't great. I am highly confident a polite phone call to the major equipment suppliers would get you lots of deeply discounted equipment.
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The team is young, and the coach is new (and a male parent - the last coach was just a woman with high school lax experience, she never even played in college, so not a lot of contacts there). I came from another school with 'real' lacrosse coaches, like women who played college ball and have coached multiple teams and whatever, but I've lost contact with them to the degree that I don't think it would be appropriate to write to them.

Turns out my school got a $1600 grant for lax equipment last year, so there are sticks to lend out (and there is still some money so getting eye gear might be a possibility).

The people who need scholarships are my peers, so I'm not really in a position to judge their neediness, but for whatever reason, their parents will not be able to/willing to pay the fees. My school is 45% reduced/free lunch, so there is definitely need within our student body.

I will be going to local businesses, and possibly to other adults in the community as well - thanks so much for the input!

(and yep, to clarify, this is high school lacrosse. Sorry, I should have made that more clear).
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And the fees that are causing the cost are league fees, field fees, and insurance. Our tuition dropped $100 this year when they brought in the parent to coach, so I suspect he is doing it on a volunteer basis.
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