Forgotten book title
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Forgotten title of old book.

Im after a book, title forgotten. The book is about a farmer in the landlocked village of Mandragora.

The farmer meets a magician named Yves whom is part of the AMO: Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws.

Yves the magician's girlfriend is the Queen. Yves and the farmer meet in the village tavern and trouble starts from there.

The book is part of a sequel. The title im looking for is the first novel.

Or if anybody knows of the second title it would be appriciated.

The book is not 'The Testament of Yves Gundron' by Emily Barton.

The author I believe was/is male.
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a search for "Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws" in WorldCat turns up Stone junction: an alchemical potboiler by Jim Dodge. Is that it?
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Are you a Thomas Pynchon fan?

I think you're conflating two books that were both promoted by Pynchon.

One is the Barton book. The other is Stone Junction by Jim Dodge.
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I think you're probably mixing up some titles. "Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws" does certainly appear to be linked to the Jim Dodge book mentioned above, but "Mandragora" doesn't show up as a word in that book. But The Testament of Yves Gundron, which you say it isn't, definitely has a character named Yves that lives in Mandragora.
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