1960s Chuck Taylors... To wear or not?
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Found some original 1960s Chuck Taylors for $4.00 at the thrift store in excellent condition. I've seen them listed on ebay for $100-$250. Should I wear them or allow them to appreciate in value? They are awesome shoes but if these could potentially be worth some dough, I guess I could forgo wearing them.

Here's a pair on ebay in worse condition than mine.

Here's some more info on vintage Chucks, and mine are white just like the pics.
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Do you need the money? If not, what are you going to buy for $100-$200 that's cooler than some original Chucks?

I vote wear them, but sparingly.
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Either go to the trouble of selling them now or wear and enjoy them completely. You don't know what the market will be for these in the future and you'll have to house them carefully in the interim.
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Check what they've actually sold for on eBay, not what they're listed for (be particularly leery of valuations on auctions with an option for a "Best Offer"). "Possibly unworn" 1960s Chucks sold at $82. I would flip them now if you're inclined to do that sort of thing in general; there's certainly an easy buck to be made, but if you'd like to wear them, wear them. Not worth storing unless you have a huge attic and a deep affection for a hypothetical grandson.
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Sell them and buy new Chucks.
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Original Chucks are pretty awesome, but they're not going to net you a yacht. It's not worth giving up the bragging rights. Wear them!
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People spend upwards of $100 on casual shoes all the time...no reason why yours shouldn't happen to have vintage cachet to boot! Wear and enjoy.
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Put 'em up with a reserve of like $150-$200. No sale? Enjoy. Sold? Profit!
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Best answer: Wear them sparingly (on carpet more than asphalt, perhaps with a fur to the opera à la Edward Gorey), and enjoy. The new Chucks are junk.
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The main difference is that there's a label inside the tongue? Sell them.
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I agree with gjc. If they don't sell for that high, then wear them. I feel that if you had them new-in-box then that would be worth hoarding. Otherwise, they probably won't go up in price that much since 750 million pairs were manufactured and sold. Nike purchased the company in 2003, so you can feel extra pleased that you found authentic ones.

And they are white? Find a way to customize them! They are just going to get worse with each outing anyway. I kind of miss my old Chucks now.
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Response by poster: I sent Edward Gorey Christmas cards. These will be saved for when I'm feeling fancy--money be damned!

Thanks all
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Are you shoes a common Asian foot size like a 7- 10? I've seen vintage Chuck's sell for close to a thousand dollars in Japan.
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Thrift stores are for treasures. Wear them and enjoy them. It is serendipity that they were there for you in the first place - would you offend the Fates by selling their gift at auction? No! You thank your good karma and enjoy.

At least, that's my thrift shop philosophy.
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sell with reserve as suggested below. Alternately you can sell to a store like flight club, although I do not know if there is a store that would accurately value them except in japan.
I also think you are unlikely to get more than $200 for a few reasons:

1)They are not new in box. The box is like a cert of authenticity. Getting a box of the same size, year, and color is tough.

2)Not too many converse fetishists are collectors. Sorry indie kids and old punk dudes, I know you love converse or whatever, or even have 20-30 pairs, but not too many of you guys have shoe basements full of shoes like this:
there are adidas and new balance collectors out there too, but not too many all converse. this also owes to the fact that converse has not had many different shoes, very few colorways, and few rarities.

3)Converse reprinted every shoe ever. The shoes you get now look almost the same as the 60's ones and are readily available at any mall. Yeah, Jordan 1's have reprinted in red/wht/blk, but only twice, and even the reprints are worth 500 bucks!

Give it a shot. Look for a private collector. Ebay with reserve could give you some leads, maybe? I think that a Japanese or hardcore private collector sale is your best bet. good luck!
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