Help me get a raise!
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What is the website where I can see average salaries for positions based on region, etc.?

I am about to ask for a raise at my company because I know we are hiring an administrative assistant at the same rate that I (accounts payable manager) am making currently. To show why I believe I should get the raise, I want to use data from this website I once saw. It's very web 2.0 in either lots of green or lots of blue, I don't remember, and after asking you a series of questions, it shows you the rates for your experience level, time at the company, and region.

Any MeFites know about this thing?
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Best answer: You could try Glassdoor. I think you have to create a free account to see all of the results, but they have quite a bit of information.
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Salary. com or are pretty popular.
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Response by poster: Yes! Glassdoor! Thank you!
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One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the data they use is pre-Recession; depending on your field/region, salary numbers may reflect a time when employees had a much stronger negotiating position.
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Response by poster: Very true! but I work in energy. the depressing reality is that we get magazines with pictures of dudes carrying umbrellas made of money that have headlines about how awesome energy is doing despite the recession.

it's a really "rich get richer" kind of atmosphere, but it's the only game in town. =/
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Best answer: (Also, I was a bit off: is what I was looking for!)
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Have you tried They have a whole system crafted specifically around how to ask for a raise.
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