Me no speak italiano
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What are the best Italian reference resources to have on hand?

I'm going to be working on a big collaborative project this semester, and my supervisors have warned me that I'm going to have to deal with some material in Italian, which I've never studied (they know this). I have studied French and Latin and a little bit of Spanish, so I'm expecting to be okay with basic grammar and to recognize some words. Aside from a good dictionary, are there any classic grammar books I should make sure to own or helpful websites I should make sure to bookmark to help me muddle through? I've seen this question, but I'm less interested in embarking on a textbook-style course and more interested in having decent resources to consult as I need them.
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I use this website a lot for single word translations. Easy to use, and seems really current.
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An Italophile friend of mine says italki might suit your purpose.
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I live and work in Italy (and in Italian) and find this site indispensible. Excellent range of examples with each transslation to help with the context. Includes antonyms.
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