Help me identify this song
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What song, which would have been played on the Current in the last few months, has the lyric, "people live alone together?"

I heard this song when listening to the radio one morning a month or two ago, and scribbled down this line intending to find out what it was. I just Googled it and didn't get a single hit.

It may be a song by a band local to Minneapolis, MN that hasn't hit any of the big lyrics sites, since I'm pretty sure I got that line right.
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It's not David & David's 'Being Alone Together' is it?
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Response by poster: Nope, I just found that on Youtube, and it's not it at all. It was more alt/indie rock and it was probably something that was released last year, since it was being rotated heavily enough for me to hear it a couple of times as I was waking up.

If it's any more help this is all I can remember (which I think was part of the chorus):

...people live alone together (something something) that way...
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If nobody here gets it, I've had good luck emailing one or another DJ at the Current with similar questions. Their email addresses are listed on their individual profile pages, linked from this page.
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Best answer: The Current does keep historic archives of their playlists. You can pick a date in the past from in the right column. If you wake up around the same time each morning, it might be worth going back and grabbing a few weeks worth of the hour immediately following that.
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There is this song by Plantinum Blonde, which has that phrase in the lyrics, but they are more 80's than indie...
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Also, maybe look through these songs? Maybe one of them will be it... The phrase is a similar. Hopefully that's a bit more helpful :)
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Goodness me! I should really stop hitting the submit button prematurely... Or stop posting when I'm severely sleep deprived.

This is the last one I promise. The most promising one listed looks like "The Scene" by Sparks
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Atlas Sound - "Shelia"? The lyric is "we'll die alone together," but maybe?
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Response by poster: It's not any of the suggested songs by Platinum Blonde, Sparks, Emma Dean, or Atlas Sound.

The only things I can say about it is that it had male vocals and I definitely sounded contemporary.

I would be able to recognize it instantly if I heard it, and I wish I'd written down more lines, but that one really stuck in my head and I was sure I'd be enough to find it.
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Response by poster: "I definitely sounded contemporary" -> "it definitely sounded contemporary"
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Best answer: Found it:
The song is: Ben Folds/Nick Hornby - From Above
And the lyric was really: "People who belong together"

Thanks SemiSophos for suggesting the Current's playlist archive. On my little note I'd written "The Shins - Caring Is Creepy." It turns out that that was played right after the Ben Folds song on 10/22/2010 at 8:10 AM.
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