Looking for a manicure kit
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I've just recently gotten my fingernails and cuticles under control, but don't know what I should be doing to maintain them. Can anyone recommend a particularly good manicure kit, and a brief description of how to use the manicure tools? Also taking suggestions for general fingernail care, cleaning, etc. (P.S. I am a guy, if that makes a difference.)
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Getting a professional manicure every now and then will help a lot with the upkeep- and then you can see what the professionals do with all those tools. I see men getting them at my place all the time.
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1) File your nails once a week with an emory board (just buy a cheapo pack from the drugstore). If you do this you should never have to cut them again with clippers.

2) Two options: either use lotion on your hands every couple of days to keep your cuticles (and hands) soft, or use a cuticle oil once or twice a week. Soft cuticles are nice - you don't ever want to cut them because they can get infected.

3) To make your nails super shiny and healthy looking, use this. You can't mess up - use the side labeled "1" first, "2" second, "3" third. :) You buff the tops of your nails and by the end of the 3rd step it looks like you just had a professional manicure. It isn't abrasive at all - the material is peculiar and rubbery, but it makes the nail look awesome.

4) Buy a nail brush to clean under your nails each morning. A couple quick swipes under the faucet will be more than enough if you do this every day.

I'm a girl, but I am a poor student and don't have the time or money to get professional manicures, and I don't have the patience to keep my nails painted. I just do these steps and I often get compliments on my hands.

/shilling for Sephora
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In big cities, you can usually go to a nail place for $5 to $10. I'm a girl but never did it until recently and now I love getting manicures. I'm always urging guy friends to try it - so many think it's too girly even though you always see men in there. Try it. It takes 10 minutes and you will not stop admiring your hands.
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I think the at-home tools and upkeep are far more time consuming than a quick $8 mani -- and the pro results are always better. And maybe splurge on a pedicure once in a while. Man feet are often terribly neglected!
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