We're in that cartoon over there!
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I'm trying to locate two cartoons (both possibly from the New Yorker). 1 - A group of lost hikers are examining a map. One, pointing to a mountain in the distance, is saying, "I've got it! We're on that mountain over there!" 2 - Tribal setting. A witch doctor wearing a mask and a weeping widow are standing over a dead villager. The witch doctor is saying, "There's still so much we don't know." I have the Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker CDs, but I can't find either of these cartoons using the search capabilities. If you can give me date and author information, that'd be great.
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It's possible those cartoons aren't on the CDs; according to Tom Tomorrow, the New Yorker has a rather loose definition of "complete"
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That's completely ridiculous.
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