MW2 XBox live and local Multi???
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How do I play Modern Warfare 2 online with two local players?

We're new to XBox and XBox live. We can get a game going with ONE local player and players online but we can't seem to get TWO local players (split screen) with players online. Is this possible? It SEEMS like it should be but we just can't figure out how.
Step by step would be awesome. :)

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Best answer: It's not possible in Modern Warfare 2.
If you want an FPS that does this, try Call of Duty Black Ops or Halo Reach.
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Response by poster: THAT stinks........
Thanks though.
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You and your buddy can still try Spec Ops mode if you want to play cooperatively. It's full of mini-missions that don't follow a storyline and can be tackled in (more-or-less) the order you choose.
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Response by poster: So we're on the same team and the online person is on the other?
That'd work.
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There's no online person in Spec Ops mode, sorry -- it's either "two players on the same console in split-screen," or "two players over the network."
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Response by poster: Awww....
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Get the newer COD:Black-Ops.

You and a friend playing split screen on one xbox can go up against people online in Black Ops.

Treyarch community manager Josh Olin has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops will launch with online split-screen support on both Xbox 360 and PS3.
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