How can I find all my travel outside of the US for previous passports?
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I am in the middle of a process that requires that I log all my travel outside of the US since 2001. I can get every trip from 2002 onwards, but my previous passport was destroyed to prevent Identity Theft. I have a mail in to United (which was with whom I travelled exclusively that year) but I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get this information in some other fashion.
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Can you check your credit card transactions for that year?
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cell phone history if you used it abroad,or if you ever did any journaling abroad, scope out old entries/dated photos etc. to try and piece together a time frame.
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- E-mailed ticket confirmations
- Online banking statements
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If these are work trips, check with the place you were traveling for.
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I asked my mother who had my arrival/departure dates written in a calendar at her house (which she had then stored). Basically, try to remember your vacations- can you remember which weeks you took off work and where you might have gone that year? I did this too- I know it's hard!!
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If all else fails, you can probably make a Privacy Act request to Customs & Border Protection. It could take a while, but they'll have records of when you entered the country. See also this post. These records should contain details of your international travels.

Virtually any other approach is going to be faster and easier, but it's worth keeping in mind as a last ditch option. Since it sounds like you're applying for a security clearance, your agency might be able to help you obtain this information too.
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FOIA request to the US customs or DHS.
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Response by poster: WOOHOO: Solution -

I am a Mileage Plus member with United, and that year I travelled exclusively with them (seeing as I was racking up the miles) ... They rock at Customer Service and are sending me a printout with everything from 2000 to 2002... WOOHOO!

Metheglen - SOLVED
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