an app for that, finger swipe to unlock phone
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Does anyone know the name of the app for myTouch, that lets you swipe a pattern with your finger to unlock the phone? I had it on the phone, but had to reboot and lost all of my apps. (Thankfully all were free) Thank you!
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Best answer: Are you referring to the built in security lock screen?

Hit menu > settings > location & security settings > setup screen lock
(I'm running 2.2 so it may be slightly different)
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Yeah, that's not an app.
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FYI, if you ever lose an app, you can always download it again and not pay for it the second time, as long as you use the same iTunes account.
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sorry, when you said MyTouch, I thought you meant iPod touch. Disregard my comment.
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Just a note about Android phones: They don't bother to tell you that there is no built-in app or data backup other than your Google contacts sync, until it's too late and you've lost everything and you think "why the hell doesn't this automatically back up!" A lady at the Verizon store recommended My Backup Pro - it's about $5 but well worth it. Backs up everything online and to SD card.
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+1 for My Backup Pro.
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