Pattern-based coloring books from the 70s
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As a kid in the 70s, I had a coloring book that had patterns instead of pictures. They were tesselations of some kind, maybe penrose tilings (I'm no expert) and filled the page. Coloring them in made different patterns more visible, etc. What was the book?

I remember it softcover, maybe 64pp, possibly square format maybe 9x9". Obvious searches on google come up short.

Anyone else have these and/or know what they were called?
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Do some of these look like the pages you remember?
posted by oceanmorning at 5:55 PM on January 8, 2011

Best answer: Altair Designs!
posted by bink at 6:00 PM on January 8, 2011

I had Roger Burrows. Actually I still do, it's on my bookshelf two states and 20 years later.
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(although it looks like Burrows wasn't published until the 90s, maybe it can help you search for the ones you remember)
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Altair Designs ftw.
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Yup, Altair Designs. We had them when I was a kid as well.
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Altair! Just remembering that has made my inner 4th-grader very happy!
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Oh yes, Altair Designs! Ruth Heller also does a lot of these. Not only did I have them as a kid in the 70s, I managed to get a bunch of coworkers addicted to them in the 90s!
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Altair! Some of them are hard to find now, and I've been stashing them ready for my kids. I loved those books, happy memories. Also from the same era, I had Polysymetrics, which is similar.
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I am having altair nostalgia RIGHT NOW.
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OMG I miss my Altair design books. I had a 160-color marker set and could spend hours and hours with them. I wish they were still in general publication. Wow, a really visceral response to this memory. Huh.

(Re: the page: why would people buy used Altair design books? WTH?)
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similar and in print: Geometrical Design Coloring Book and Visual Illusions Coloring Book
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Response by poster: Altair designs indeed! Grateful to all of you. Teary-eyed, even!
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If you're willing to order from, they carry the originals, and deliver out-of-country.

**ordering now, damn you**
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Oh my god, Altair. I forgot they existed, but I LOVED them as a child. Thanks for asking this question.
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