I need more art like this...
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Looking for more sites like this one -


Specifically I'm looking for people who make their own tiny or just small theaters, rooms, sets.

Are there any more out there that I just can't find?

I'm not really interested in doll house or traditional miniatures. Those I can find. I'm looking for the unusual and creative.
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Diorama making? Look at set design classes. Most theaters have them, you could even apprentice!
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Are you looking for inspiration or specifically sellers? Jenny (aka the Bloggess) built a haunted dollhouse with plenty of delightfully creepy trapdoors and rooms. It's a nice example of the hobby, but not so much if you're inclined to purchase.
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Response by poster: Inspiration - I make my own and now I'm teaching classes. I want to be able to share ideas with my students other than my own work.

The haunted dollhouse is great - along those lines, maybe more handmade stuff inside.

I feel like I may be asking for what's not out there. I've been searching on and off for years.
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You might be interested in the work of Frances Glessner Lee, who did forensic dioramas in the 30s and 40s.
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The artist Lori Nix is known for her outdoor scenes, but recent work (like the "Map Room") features interiors.
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Sloane Tanen does this, but with Easter chicks in them.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much. This is wonderful stuff.
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Check out Fluffy Bricks. It's probably a bit more mainstream than you're interested in, but they do have links to some really cool custom stuff. It's so interesting to find out how the artists made some of their items!
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The Ice Book.

There are extracts online, although they don't really convey the whole experience. The Ice Book is tiny, but it's still intended as a live theatre performance.

Go to http://www.davymcguire.tv (WARNING - sound autoplays on loading!) click the third dial down and then select 'The Ice Book' from the remote control.
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