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I'm looking for some kind of web widget that will allow me to have a dynamically updateable, embeddable spreadsheet for a website. Can you help me?

Here's what I'm looking for:

1.) I would like to create a spreadsheet. Nothing fancy, simply something that's easy to read. 5 columns, maybe 100 rows.

2.) Ideally, I would like to allow visitors to the website to sort the spreadsheet based on the different columns.

3.) I would need to be able to update this spreadsheet easily and dynamically. I would probably be publishing changes to this table once a day.

4.) I want this to be visible to users, but I don't want them to have any kind of editing power. I also don't want to use a google doc.

Is there any service (preferably a free service) that offers this? I know that there are sights that offer similar services for charts and graphs, but I'm looking specifically for an embeddable, sortable spreadsheet for cheap or for free.

let me know, and thank you!
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You are describing a MySQL database with a PHP web interface.

Not exactly designed for this kind of thing, but PHPMyAdmin does this.
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Apologies for the doublepost, but this looks good. There's a demo on the site for you to try it out.
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Response by poster: I should disclaim that this needs to be relatively simple to implement. We website folks are not all that tech savvy, and are looking for a way to make this so that the back end is easy for people without a lot of tech skill to update without causing everything to explode.

A good example of what we would want it to look like is this campaign spending spreadsheet from the Washington Post
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Best answer: Is there a reason you don't want to use Google Docs for this project? It your requirements and the controls of who can edit/view are easy. We use them all the time at school for sharing docs.
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Er, FITS your requirements.
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Response by poster: As for the Google Docs option, I want the spreadsheet to be embedded within a website that retains our company's branding, etc, as opposed to being a spreadsheet floating in space. Is there a simple way to embed a google doc in an existing website?
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for their help. We actually ended up embedding a Google doc in the web page. It was so much easier than I ever would have imagined! Thanks again.
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