Spreadsheets as web pages
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How is this site (example 1 and 2) embedding interactive spreadsheets into its web pages? All I can tell is that it’s using javascript. If it’s some sort of custom solution, are there alternatives (either paid or free) that would let me do something similar in WordPress?
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Not sure if the sites you listed are using this, but I saw ExcelMashup on Engadget today.
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Thanks birdherder, I read about the excelmashup today. It’s actually what reminded me to ask this question. The example spreadsheets on the site I linked to look almost identical to Excel spreadsheets and let you download an Excel workbook with the same data. I’d like to find something that would give a very similar look to an actual Excel workbook.
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It's using this jquery app: http://visop-dev.com/Project+jQuery.sheet

Use jquery for Wordpress plugin then follow the instructions to put it in a page or wherever.
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