possible to fix tv speakers buzz?
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My boyfriend has a Phillips 32" in flat LCD HDTV, that appears to be from 2006 or 2007. The screen seems to still be in great shape, but the speakers have developed an annoying buzz. Is it likely that the speakers could be fixed at a reasonable cost, or do we need to junk the tv completely and just get a new one?
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Are you talking about the internal speaker, or the external speakers you have connected? If the former, you could try using external speakers and just turn the volume down on the internal speakers.
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I agree with the others that it's definitely worth it to invest in an external sound system (like this Onkyo system). Everything will sound 1000 times awesomer.
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Response by poster: Note: I am aware that external speakers could be plugged in. I am specifically asking if the internal speakers in the tv can be repaired. Thanks.
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Your not putting your cell phone on the TV are you? Sometimes that can cause buzzing in nearby speakers.
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um, You're
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Could they be fixed? Probably.
But 32" TVs are pretty cheap these days and technical-intensive labor isn't - you'd probably be better off selling the TV as-is to someone who is willing to put up with the buzzing and buying a new set.
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Note: I am aware that external speakers could be plugged in. I am specifically asking if the internal speakers in the tv can be repaired. Thanks.

Of course they can be repaired! But it would take less time, less money, and less effort to use an external sound system, which will sound much better.
[Note that the less time:money:effort equation is true whether or not you're a DIYer]

ps. You can probably pick up a decent enough (ie. way better than what you have) sound system for less than $50 at a thrift store. Otoh, if it's really really important to you to have a completely stylistically uniform system [eg. your current remote works on the sound system], consider selling this TV and buying another.
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Make sure there are no potential sources for electromagnetic interference (EMI), not just your cell phone (could be wireless internet, etc.).
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That could be a ground loop. Have you recently changed how it's plugged into the wall? Added other things to that same power circuit?
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My Samsung TV had this problem. It was under warranty. I helped the technician replace the motherboard (very easy) and the problem was solved. He said the part was about $200 for my 52" LCD. Probably cheaper for your TV.

Something to check out.
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If it's a physical buzz from damaged speakers, it wouldn't be hard to replace them. It would take about an hour, maybe less. The hard part arises from the speakers themselves. They are, no doubt, cheap 4 or 8 ohm speakers that were custom made to fit the form factor of the case. Finding those speakers will likely be the hard part, and if the shop can't find them, fitting another close fit in? Yikes.

As a DIY person, I might consider doing the repair, if I had a bucket full of speakers handy. If I didn't have a bucket of speakers, I'd probably open up the case, check the speaker dimensions and specs and see what I could find from All Electronics, Jameco or Mouser that was close, then put the set back together until the replacements arrive. Then take the set apart, unsolder the old speakers, put in the new ones (don't ever replace just one - ask me about failure modes sometime).

The operative word is 'consider'. This is because I dearly love taking things apart and putting them back together again, and I'm damn good at it and even though it would cost me in time, I would derive pleasure from the work.

If it wasn't me, I would take the other's advice: the far cheaper solution is external speakers. In fact, a middle quality set of PC speakers will sound equivalent/better than what's in the set.
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Well covered already, but one point to emphasize

This TV isn't junk! Many, many people would be happy to have it. Don't toss it, don't even put it in electronics recycling. Please! :)
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